Kingoroot apk download for android

Are you looking for an app by which you can root your device within a few minutes? KingoRoot is one of the best one-click rooting Apps for Android device. You will find the APK file of the app as a free app to download and install to root your android devices easily. There is a PC version of the app also available for users who fail to root the device with APK version; they can try the PC version. Besides, you can also unroot your device with this tool. It is an excellent rooting tool that comes with some special features. So, for an easy rooting process, download it and enjoy your device by rooting it with KingoRoot.

What is KingoRoot?

KingoRoot is a small app for Android devices that can utilize to root devices without any hard process. It lets the user rooting his device only one click and the process of rooting will complete within a few seconds. So, it is a helpful app for the user who has no knowledge of the rooting process. It keeps your device safe because you need not follow any dangerous procedures. Moreover, it is supported on a lot of models of Android devices. With this app, the unroot process is also as easy as like as the rooting process.

Features of KingoRoot app

KingoRoot comes with a lot of features. The user will be surprised to the amazing features of the app. After rooting any device, user will get full access to his device. Now see the simple and safe APK’s features below:

An ideal APK for rooting Android device

Nowadays, we cannot go a single day without Android device. The users of Smartphone are increasing rapidly. So, to keep Android device faster, rooting is a common matter. If you want to do this rooting process, you need an App. in this case KingoRoot APK is an ideal app for your Android device. It will make your Smartphone smarter.

It is dependable

If you know the complicated rooting process, you may think that rooting process is very hard and it can do some harm to the Android phone. In this condition, you can trust fully depend on KingoRoot APK. So, to get an easy root, download this app and enjoy it.

Supported by most of the device

Most of the models of Android devices support to KingoRoot app. Here, there is no matter which manufacturers make the devices.

Makes device faster and powerful

KingoRoot APK gives you the full access to your device. You can change the application of the systems and also settings. By these, you will get advanced features and your device becomes faster.

Customize your device

KingoRoot APK gives you the chance to customize your device. You will then feel that your device is new.

Save the battery life

KingorRoot APK stops the background apps and also removes the unwanted apps. By doing this, it increases the battery life your device.

Simple interface

If you download and install the new version of KingoRoot APK, you will see a simple interface with a lot of new improvement. It will be easy for you to operate it.

Works offline

KingoRoot is the application which works without any internet connection. So, simply download it and it is ready to root your device.


It is a free rooting software. You can download it freely from any reliable website. However, you can also download it from Google Play Store. As it is a free and excellent app, anyone can use the app without any hesitation.

Root without PC

In order to root any device, it needs a computer. However, with KingoRoot APK, you can root your device successfully without the help of a computer. The process is also easy.

Higher success rate

When the question comes to the safety of the device while rooting, KingoRoot is the application which has the highest success rate. With it, you can successfully root your device.

How to download and install the KingoRoot APK

Download and installation procedure of KingoRoot APK is very easy and it wonders the people. I am describing the download process below. If you want to root your device itself, then click on the following button to download the app –

You also download this .apk file using your computer, then move it from pc to your android device. It is better to download on your device’s storage to install. Once the app downloaded then just attempt to install it properly to root the device by only one-click. Installation processes are very similar to others apk file installation. Just remember before installation, you must need to enable Unknown Sources option from Settings to install the app.

Kingoroot apk

Rooting process by KingoRoot apk without PC

Rooting process is so easy and anyone can do it without any difficulties. Now see the process step by step.

  • Run the app from your device’s home screen.
  • You will see a button named “On Click Root”, tap on it and then wait for a while.
  • The rooting process starts and when it is completed, you will see the green signal.
  • You can download the SuperUser app to check if your device is rooted successfully.

You can also root your device by using a computer. Sometimes, you cannot make a successful rooting. But there are some processes to do if you face this problem. Always try to use the updated version of KingoRoot APK. You can then unlock bootloader and try again to root. You can also search for this app according to the model of your device.

KingoRoot APK is currently a safe and easiest rooting tool for Android user. Enjoy a single-click rooting procedure on your favorite Android device to speed up it.